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Universal Combination  QL-030(C)-5

Universal Combination

Universal combination composed of two different sizes of toys, which increases its playability. It can fix a lot of different things, let alone animals,

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Educational toys, the name suggests is that you can let the children play in the process of intellectual development toys. Educational toys educational function really has it? According to the British Royal Academy of Sciences study found that people who regularly play with educational toys, than people who do not play the average IQ of about 11 points higher, the higher brain thinking ability openness; American Medical experts also found that 50 years ago started to play adult educational Toys person incidence of dementia is only 32%% of the general population, while playing educational toys childhood morbidity than the general population who incidence of 1%.

Features Benefits:
1. Development of the brain thinking ability;
2. to stimulate the senses and development;
3. Promote hand-eye coordination;
4. Improve ability
5 Enhanced discern the shape of things capabilities;
6 Exercise cooperation skills;
7 develop logical thinking ability.
8 understanding of different colors.