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Straw plug  QL-022(C)-5

Straw plug

Will you surprise that staw can become a toy? Yes. It is Straw Plug of Midery. Lots of straws make of a variety of shapes linked by a root key. This helps children have more profound understanding of structure of object and space, to get spatial perceptio

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started to play adult educational Toys person incidence of dementia is only 32%% of the general population, while playing educational toys childhood morbidity than the general population who incidence of 1%.

Features Benefits:
1. Development of the brain thinking ability;
2. to stimulate the senses and development;
3. Promote hand-eye coordination;
4. Improve ability
5 Enhanced discern the shape of things capabilities;
6 Exercise cooperation skills;
7 develop logical thinking ability.
8 understanding of different colors.